WordPress WebSite Made from Scratch

WordPress WebSite Made from Scratch

If you are looking for a website made on WordPress then you are on the right page.

Nahaba Group SRL company was created with one goal: to help people come on-line having an easy to use admin panel. That is why we chose WordPress platform. We consider it one of the best because it is always updated, easy to use even for non-tech people.

Our company can handle any WordPress website project. With our expertise in WordPress you can be rest assured that starting a project from scratch will be beneficial to you as a customer. One of our recent projects is www.prosanatate.md (a place where health experts share their knowledge, organize events and can upload different tools which most people can use and by the way it was developed in partnership with our Ministry of Health) which was created from scratch and here is what I mean:

  • logo design
  • web design
  • mobile design
  • psd to html
  • html to wordpress
  • programming needed functions for wordpress site which customer asked for.


Now I will describe everything in details: first we designed the logo, once the customer approves it we moved to web-design then convert it to HTML and after that put HTML on WordPress platform and then we add needed functions that the customer needs.

We also have experience with customization different WordPress Web-Sites Projects however we both know that when a project is made from scratch it is much better for the customer but is a subject for another article.

If you would like to have a professional team build your own project from scratch please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to work with you one on one and build a long lasting business relationship.

You can contact us via

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Tel: +373-60-18-18-19

Skype: nahabagroup


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