Why Choose WordPress CMS For Your Website

Why Choose WordPress CMS For Your Website

Why choose WordPress CMS for website. Reasons to choose WordPress. Why WordPress is so popular. Why wordpress websites are better. Why wordpress themes.

And so on and on and on.

The Web is full of questions relating to WordPress. Although there is enough information online, newcomers keep on asking about this website publishing platform. When it comes to creating websites for those just starting out on the Web, WordPress is the CMS of choice at our Website Development Company.

Why we choose WordPress for your website?

WordPress CMS Is Perfect To Run Any Type Of Website
People new to website creating often think of WordPress as a platform for blogging. However, although it remains the most popular blogging system on the Web today, it has become so much more than a blogging tool. Since its release in 2003, WP evolved into a highly customizable content management system (CMS) for running any type and size of website.

Enormous Choice Of WP themes And WP Plugins
With WP, you can build an online store, e-commerce, business website, video or photo gallery, service booking site, membership site, news website, blogs, Q&A sites, etc. If you are a business owner, so you can use WP eCommerce plugins (WooCommerce and WP eCommerce) making it an excellent e-commerce and business platform. Wide range of WP themes and plugins allow for absolute control over your website functionality and design.

Top Brands Use WP
Many people mistakenly think that since WP is a free software, it may not be good enough for using by serious businesses and top brands. BBC America, Time Magazine, MTV News, CNN, Google Ventures, Facebook, LinkedIn, The New York Times, Ford Social, Xerox, Nokia, eBay, and more big names run their websites on WordPress!

WordPress CMS is Free And Open-Source
Wordpress is a free, open-source website creation software allowing you to download, install, use and configure source code according to website needs. Website developers and designers are free to do wonders with WP code in order to build a fully functional website of any kind. There are thousands of free WP themes and plugins available online to download and use on your website.

WP is Easy To Use For Beginners
WP is so user-friendly and easy to learn that you will love it for sure. It is intuitive and has a large community and official forum behind it, where you can get help and technical solutions from community members. Hundreds of WP Tutorials are available online for free. Awesome inbuilt tools allow for easy content publishing and site management, even if you have a little or no experience in website administration.

Supports All Media Files, Images, Video, Audio
WP is a perfect website publishing platform supporting all popular media files. WordPress have a very rich text editor where you can insert video, audio and images to make written content more attractive to both people and search engines. Files are very easy to upload and modify just inside text editor.

WP is Highly Customizable
By using WP themes and plugins you can extend website functionality. WordPress themes are easy to configure to meet website needs. You can upload logo, change colors, add sliders, and other great things in a few clicks. Using free or premium plugins you can add new features to the website. Contact form 7, Akismet, The Google Analytics + plugin, Google XML Sitemaps, and other plugins are highly recommended.

Feel Secure and Safe With WP
WordPress is a very safe environment to run a website. WordPress Backups allow keeping the site safe and secure by setting it up to automatic regular checks and updates. However, you or your management service should always control and monitor your site for the threats. We recommend using professionally developed WordPress premium themes, as free WP themes may have encrypted code, malicious code or cheap backlink hidden inside its files.

WordPress CMS is Search Engine Friendly
WordPress software is SEO friendly and Google loves it. By activating WP SEO plugins you can make your site even more loveable by search engines. You should always update to the latest version to prevent hacking attacks, set regular WordPress Backups and use strong password. There are many other ways and developer secrets helping to keep website content safe and secure. At NG, we are security conscious and use proven tools to resolve security issues for websites we set up.

WordPress CMS is best solution for online entrepreneurs with NO programming skills. For all our clients just starting out online, we develop websites using WordPress. Easy to learn and customizable, it enables our clients update and control their sites without programming knowledge. All in all, Google loves WordPress, so do we!

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