Top Things To Look For In WordPress Themes

Top Things To Look For In WordPress Themes

So, you choose WordPress for your website? Great! Next step is picking the right WordPress Theme.

Website Theme is made of different files that function together to create what your visitor sees and feels when browsing your website. It includes layout, styling, fonts, colors, columns, images and how all these look and work in the browser.

There are Free WP Themes and Paid WordPress Themes available today. The theme choice depends on what you actually want to achieve with your website and how you want it to look and behave.

If you search the Web for WordPress Themes, the choice will make your head spin. What you choose is up to you, but we want our clients to make informed decisions. Read on to know more about selecting WordPress Themes.

What To Look For In A WordPress Theme

Whether it is free or premium, this is QUALITY that you should look for in a theme. Everyone wants the quality, but what it is when it comes to WP Themes?

  • Updates and support
  • Responsive theme design, mobile-friendly
  • Customization options
  • Translation ready theme
  • SEO friendly
  • Browser compatibility
  • Lightweight design


Theme updates and support

Good support is indisputably an important factor when starting up a website and choosing the theme. Free WP Themes have no support and updates, or are updated rarely. Hence, when problems with free theme pop up, you will probably have to pay to solve them and it may be costly enough. Premium WP Themes crafted by professional teams and developers are typically updated regularly and have developer support.

Responsive design, mobile-friendly WP Themes
Responsive theme is designed to work and look good on all devices. If you pick a non-responsive theme, your website will be lost for tablets and mobile search. Responsive websites adapt their layout to perform good on every screen. More than half of total internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, so responsive web design is one of the top things you should look for in a WordPress Theme.

Theme customization
The option of customization allows modifying the theme look and performance, a bit or radically. You can edit WP Theme from within the Admin panel and use different WP plugins, ensuring your website will always fit your needs and wants. Although most themes made for sites powered by WordPress are customizable, it would be irresponsible to not drawing your attention to this factor in choosing themes.

Translation ready theme
If you plan to build a multi-language WordPress website, purchase translation ready theme that supports multi-lingual WP Plugins.

SEO friendly
To increase website traffic and search engine visibility, choose SEO friendly WordPress Themes. The quality of site content is very important in terms of SEO, but even the high quality content will work better if complemented with SEO friendly theme. Clean code, loading speed, simple structure, easy navigation routes, responsive layout, this is what search engine optimized themes are basically about.

Browser compatibility
Quality themes are typically developed with browser compatibility. That means your website will display and function well on all web browsers. Just read the theme description, as theme author usually mentions browser compatibility. Test the theme accessibility on popular browsers (on mobile devices as well) to make sure your site functions without error.

Lightweight design
Theme design, structure and features are critical in attracting website users. The choice is up to you, of course, but Nahaba Group recommendation is to pay attention on minimalistic WordPress Themes. Too heavy designs, overloaded with unnecessary features and plugins can make your website slow to load and negatively influence site user experience, as well as search engine rankings and, what is worse, conversion rates.

Choose Best WordPress Themes With Nahaba Group

Now you know what to look for in a theme. It’s time to get started! The safest place to get secure and quality WordPress themes is WordPress Theme Directory, where all themes are viewed and reviewed to fit certain rules.

Meantime, we know another safe place to get cool themes… NahabaGroup.Com! Due to our love to WordPress CMS, we are always glad to design custom WP Themes and make complex WordPress Site Customization for our clients.

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