Free WordPress Themes –  What’s The Catch?

Free WordPress Themes – What’s The Catch?

When it comes to choosing among WordPress themes, one of the hottest conversations around is: which WP theme to pick – premium theme or free theme.

Designing and developing WordPress Free Themes is a popular way for IT companies and individuals to create portfolio and attract consumers to their Premium Themes or custom web design and development. Some developers provide Free Theme updates in their Premium version.

The choice of WordPress Themes and Templates is overwhelming. Sometimes you have to experiment with many different themes before you pick the one that meets your website goal. But when you choose a theme for your WordPress website you should consider some advantages and disadvantages of free and premium WP Themes to prevent your website from future technical and non-technical troubles.

Since theme is the face of your website, let’s weigh up benefits and drawbacks of choosing Free WordPress Themes.

Free WordPressThemes Benefits

The most powerful argument in favour of Free WP themes is that they do not cost you anything. You can choose a free theme you like most and simply download it. If you find the theme does not function well or is not good enough to meet your website goals, you can install another one.

Free WordPress Themes are easy to download. Simply find them within your website Admin Panel under Appearance > Themes. In fact, you can get free themes elsewhere on the Web. “Free” does not always mean bad quality. It means there’s often a catch ☺

Free WordPress themes, if you get them from the official WP Theme repository, follow official requirements and certain protocols to get verification. Free Themes can be compatible with many plugins and go through theme code checking.

Sometimes the simpler the better. Hence, if you do not look for super features and extra functionality, free themes can be a good choice for your website. Depending on website type, size and goal, you can pick a free WP theme that is simple, not overloaded with too much stuff and supports basic plugins and configuration settings.

Free WordPress Themes Drawbacks You Should Know

Quality Free WordPress themes are hard to find. Sure, there are good free themes out there, but many are not coded well, making the website vulnerable or hard to rank high. Most depends on where you get Free WordPress Themes from.

No guaranteed support and updates for Free WP themes. No one is directly responsible for the quality of a Free WordPress theme. For troubleshooting and fixing the bugs, you have to contact general support and browse community forums in search for user help. When something goes wrong with your Free Theme, chances are that you will not resolve the problem for free.

Most Free WordPress Themes are not unique. You can find many similar free themes. They often do not give your website a professional look, as well as do not provide attractive features. You have probably heard that saying: first you judge “how nice”, then you judge “how wise”. Hence, people judge websites by appearance at first. So if your website looks too simple or outdated, you risk to fail to attract target audience.

Most Free WordPress Themes do not provide attractive features and customization options. Websites should fulfill their target user need. Quality imagery, helpful navigation tools and engaging site features are tremendously important for that purpose. People love sites providing enjoyable user experience through innovative design and perfect functionality.

WordPress Free Themes are not SEO-optimized. There are no in-built SEO tools and coding may not be clean, making your website slow to load. Good WP Theme should be responsive and SEO optimized in order to work for your website/business purpose.

The catch is that what is free now that may later require investment. Everyone new to website creation often tries to reduce cost on website design and development. They want to start up with WordPress Free Themes not being informed of the drawbacks.

We are certainly not suggesting people should not use WP Free Themes. For our clients and business owners, having no Web experience, we strongly recommend starting with Premium Themes. Web new comers have to concentrate on developing quality website content and services rather than troubleshooting issues with a Free WordPress Theme.

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