Do I Need New Site or Just Modify the Current One?

Do I Need New Site or Just Modify the Current One?

We often receive requests to modify web projects and often are cases when these projects have a number of years. In some cases, customers are thinking that modifying an old project is more financially advantageous. Let’s see together if this is the case:

The site is not responsive and the client wants it to be easy to navigate from the smartphone. According to statistics, most will use a smartphone to access your site, and it is necessary for the site to be optimized for the smartphone. Now how much does it cost depends on several factors, namely how the site is built (design, structure and number of pages) … there are cases when it is easy to do and in some cases the process may be long because it will it would be necessary to make several changes. For any project you need an analysis.

The client wants a small refresh on site design. There are also some small design changes on the site for financial reasons. Ok, if it’s the previous design in PSD format, we can make some small changes in color, lines, etc. so it does not come out expensive … but in many cases the design sources do not exist and the client thinks it will be very simple without knowing that the sources are not made one and ready. Keep the sources of the design.

The site lacks some functions. Chat? It installs easily in most cases. Contact form? Is made. Transmitting data to Excel? The same is not complicated. But if more complicated functions need to be done here, you will need to analyze where the current site is built and what is the optimal way to implement the new features.

As a conclusion we can say that all cases are different and an individual approach is needed where we will analyze what we have, what we need and where we want to get the calculations and what is the optimal solution in the long run.

P.S. If you are in a similar situation and need an analysis send us an email with more information about your web project: