7 Reasons Your Site Needs Technical Support, 3 – Why Not

7 Reasons Your Site Needs Technical Support, 3 – Why Not

Your website looks fine and works fast? Think it’s enough to keep it always up and running?

Sure, it might look polished when it is first developed, but it won’t be long before the problems come knocking on your website’s door.

The Web changes constantly, and a serious site has to meet latest development trends and technologies. You have to keep it adapted to new devices and applications, as well as visitor tastes and expectations. You never know when people come to your site. They can browse it from different time zones, devices and browsers.

You don’t want a technical issue drive prospects away, right?

In fact, 90% of the first-time visitors will unlikely come back because of technical issues across a website.

Unhappy With Your Website?

Websites need professional technical support and regular updates, just like any software. Often, our clients just don’t have the time to click through their websites and check out if all is going fine. The site has too many areas, items and pages where the problems may appear and affect your business negatively.

Struggle to find out why your site is not performing at its best? Here are a few common technical issues the clients frequently ask our web development company to help with:

  • Programming error (poorly written code, broken code, old code)
  • Old technology
  • Broken links and URL problems
  • Slow download speed
  • Bad website structure
  • Unsolicited e-mails
  • Poor user experience on mobile devices, or no mobile version
  • Overuse of AJAX, Flash, JavaScript
  • WordPress installation, customization, updates issues
  • Magento software installation and updates issues
  • Site backups

7 Reasons Your Site Needs Our Technical Help

If you’ve built a website, but unhappy with its technical side, see how we can help you improve site functionality with professional technical and customer support.

  • Maximized website security, accessibility, usability
  • Quick identifying and solving hosting problems
  • Error-free operation, no broken links
  • Website services, ads, banners, product promotions are displayed properly
  • Website always looks and works great on all devices and web browsers
  • Encryption techniques prevent the site from spammers
  • Increased customer trust, retention rate and sales


3 Reasons Your Site Does Not Need Our Technical Service

Don’t think it’s enough to just have a visually appealing website. You want it to be functional and up-to-date as well. Technical support is a range of professional services and actions to maintain the site up and running from all sides. It is a very technical thing where programming knowledge and skill are required. So you’ll likely give up before even start doing it yourself – except for two reasons:

  • You are an experienced “jack-of-all-trades” web developer
  • Your business is big enough to hire an internal web developer
  • You have NO website


What To Do When Your Site Needs Technical Support?

Contact NahabaGroup for a free consultation/quote. At NG, we want our clients to succeed with their websites. We are not new to website technical troubleshooting, so any problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our team.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. When you need help, turn to us and prevent any technical issue across your site in the future. We can improve different items of website content and technologies, as well as assist with WordPress and Magento CMS installation, customization and software updates. If your site needs simple changes (text, images, videos, etc.) or a massive renovation, give a try to our Services. Our per hourly rate is $25.

See how we work:

  1. Receive customer request
  2. Analyze it and send questions
  3. Create technical tasks with specifications and send it to customer
  4. Ask 30% prepayment
  5. Start working
  6. Most of our clients found that managing and maintaining all aspects of the website is hard. Some have the website developed years ago with little or no technical support and professional monitoring since then.


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Picture (C) Thomas Lefebvre